Quimera sustainable mobility project for Mahou-San Miguel

September 24, 2012

Quimera sustainable mobility project for Mahou-San Miguel

Quimera Mobility Management (QMM), a division of Quimera specialising in consultancy and engineering in sustainable mobility, has developed for the Mahou-San Miguel Group an analysis project of sustainable alternative technologies for the company fleet.

This project positions Quimera as a statewide leader in Sustainable Mobility, advising from a technological point of view to corporations where transportation is a key activity.

Quimera has developed an extensive knowledge in the development and implementation of sustainable technologies, including CNG, LPG, hydrogen, electric and hybrid.

Currently, Quimera Mobility Management is expanding its activities in China and Latin America as a partner of engineering projects with the support of the multinational company, Altran, with which it has established a relationship of long-term strategic partnership. Additionally, Quimera is developing proposals for mobility management in emerging cities.

Quimera. During these first three years of activity, the company has gained extensive knowledge and experience in innovative sustainable technologies and how to introduce them into corporations and cities. Initially, Quimera focused on Sustainable Mobility, where it is now a world leader specialist, developing different projects worldwide, especially in China and Europe. As an example, Quimera has developed several electric vehicle prototypes, in partnership with Altran, Europe's largest engineering firm. In 2011, Quimera incorporated its Energy division, specializing in developing Energy Efficiency projects, enabling cost reductions in corporations and promoting renewable energy technologies. Since then, Quimera has also been working in different sectors such Tourism, Food & Beverages.