The first EV for logistic distribution, saving 70% in energy cost

April 10, 2012

The first EV for logistic distribution, saving 70% in energy cost

Distribution company Condis, is the first private company in Barcelona to distributed its home deliveries using an electric vehicle thanks to project "Turn Key Operation". This project undertaken by the company Quimera who, as experts in mobility and sustainable energies, carried out the engineering modifications necessary to meet Condis requirements.

The project comprises an electric vehicle giving out zero emissions with a reach of over 100km per charge, a load capacity of 1500 kilograms and a maximum velocity of 80km per hour. It has been equipped with a reinforced isothermal body and has passed all the homologations necessary to initiate its activities of distribution.

Having finalized it is initial experimental phase, Condis has proven that the electric vehicle averages 3,51 euros per 100km, against 122 euros for its conventional vehicles. Not only is the consumption less, a saving of over 70%, but the maintenance costs have diminished substantially. For this reason the company is evaluating the option of extending this project to a large portion of its fleet.
Through this initiative, Condis and Quimera have demonstrated that a logistical solution of electric vehicles can be much more cost effective than conventional vehicles using fossil fuel, for inner urban areas. The success of this project can serve as an example to other companies, motivating them to join the movement for Sustainability projects which contribute to not only energy and economical savings but also to reducing emissions in inner-urban areas.
The project has entered into the Service phase and the distribution company already makes trips of 80 to 100km daily, within the city of Barcelona, conducting home deliveries to customers who shop online.

About Condis
During this exercise, the Condis Group celebrated it is 50th anniversary. These 5 decades have marked its history as a leading Catalan company in the sector of local distribution within Catalonia, and with plans to expand into the Madrid-Central Zone. Condis has over 400 branches and more than 5100 employees. During 2011 Condis generated a turnover of 806 million euros.

About Quimera
Quimera offers solutions and strategic projects of sustainability in the areas of mobility, energy efficiency and the generation of energy in urban surroundings through it is three business units: Sustainability Solutions, R&D and Joint Ventures. Quimera is also an international cluster which encompasses more than 60 Large Corporations, Public Institutions, Universities, Business Schools and research units.