October 24, 2012

Pioneering Project with Hotels Catalonia

Quimera presents Hotels Sustainability Solutions (HSS)

Hotels Sustainability Solutions (HSS) is the new service provided by Quimera for companies in the Hotel Industry, for Sustainable Tourism positioning and obtaining energy savings. These solutions have recently been implemented successfully in a number of establishments, which are part of Hotels Catalonia. The hotel chain also intends to extend the scope to its entire chain.

This service is established on a base of principles of sustainability and provides a positioning tool that enables differentiation in an increasingly mature market. Also, on the increase are tour operators demanding compliance with energy efficiency standards and the environment due to the growing awareness of their clients, especially Northern European countries.

For this reason, Quimera has developed HSS, a methodology aimed at establishments and hotel chains, providing a clear vision and set goals as a starting position in the field of sustainability.

To begin, Quimera uses an agile diagnostic, to provide a snapshot of the degree of compliance with the various certifications leading the market in Sustainable Tourism. Subsequently, this provides a roadmap that facilitates the achievement of the objectives set, taking into account compliance with sustainability criteria such as optimizing energy costs. All this also includes the possibility of raising modality for ESCO projects in order to facilitate the financing of those actions that require investment.
Thus Quimera customers will have the opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competition, adapting quickly and easily to the new requirements of the sector.

For more information:

Click here to see HSS video in English

Click here to see HSS video in Spanish

About Quimera

A Barcelona-based international company that provides its clients with Sustainable solutions in the field of energy and mobility. Quimera started activity in 2009 and during the first three years has gained extensive knowledge and experience in the sustainability and innovative technologies introducing them into businesses and cities.

Initially, Quimera began in Sustainable Mobility projects, which have positioned them as the world's leading specialist in this field. As an example, Quimera has developed several prototypes of electric vehicles and has established a close partnership with Altran, the largest engineering company in Europe.

Since 2011, Quimera has launched its Energy division specialising in the development of Energy Efficiency projects focused on reducing costs and promoting distributed energy systems using sustainable technologies. Since then, Quimera is working hard in different sectors such as Tourism and Food & Beverage.