Quimera brings sustainability to EsadeCreapolis
Quimera brings sustainability to EsadeCreapolis

October 23, 2012

Quimera brings sustainability to EsadeCreapolis

Quimera, an international company providing sustainability solutions in the field of Energy and Mobility, has recently moved to a new facility, located in the EsadeCreapolis Innovation Park.

Quimera consolidated its business and found its first location to be a constraint in terms of space and didn't quite fit with its corporate image anymore.

Situated in offices in Barcelona, where it began its activity in 2009, Quimera decided then to look at new locations. Matching the peculiar company profile demanded by EsadeCreapolis, Quimera didn't hesitate in accepting the invitation to relocate to the business park, joining other innovative companies already installed there, sharing with them an unique, creative and collaborative professional environment designed to accelerate innovation process.

Also being aware of the added value offered by this unique location, constituted mainly by affordable Knowledge to accelerate innovation, Alliances to access primary networks, and Services to receive direct support and collaboration in specific areas.

Quimera. During these first three years of activity, the company has gained extensive knowledge and experience in innovative sustainable technologies and how to introduce them into corporations and cities.
Initially, Quimera focused on Sustainable Mobility, where it is now a world leader specialist, developing different projects worldwide, especially in China and Europe. As an example, Quimera has developed several electric vehicle prototypes, in partnership with Altran, Europe's largest engineering firm.
In 2011, Quimera incorporated its Energy division, specializing in developing Energy Efficiency projects, enabling cost reductions in corporations and promoting renewable energy technologies. Since then, Quimera has also been working in different sectors such Tourism, Food & Beverages.

EsadeCreapolis is an international business innovation park founded in 2009 by the ESADE Business School. Its mission is to speed up innovation by providing space (both physical and knowledge) to stimulate interaction between the business school, the business world, and other knowledge and innovation networks in order to detect new market opportunities, and drive their successful development and marketing.