20% energy savings, do you comply with EU Directive?

May 20, 2015

20% energy savings, do you comply with EU Directive?

The European Commission proposed major Energy Efficiency Directive, which requires performing energy audits in buildings before December 2015. The Directive is part of the European Union 2020 energy initiatives that promote to reduce total energy consumption by 20% in all EU member states. Companies in hospitality sector find Quimera's 'Monitor & Save' methodology as a solution to achieve superior energy savings with no investment and no upfront fees while complying with different regulations.

The EU Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU seems to go beyond simple goal setting, and establishes the obligation to define specific energy policy measures in all EU member states. Some of the most important provisions of the Directive include energy efficiency initiatives that require businesses to monitor energy consumed, perform energy audits and develop energy efficiency plans with periodical review and tracking of the energy savings. There are possible penalties that can be applied depending on national normative.

Are you in compliance with the Directive already? Interestingly, leading companies that value their image and reputation, choose to bind facility performance to sustainability, thus, complying with the Directive.

The ultimate solution in the age of strict energy efficiency initiatives for companies such as Melia Hotels International, Marriott, Hip Hotels and others, became Quimera's 'Monitor & Save' methodology. It is mainly offered to hospitality sector with the goal of optimizing the efficient management and use of energy. Monitor & Save is also an excellent base to obtain certifications such as ISO50001, LEED, BREAM, Travelife or EarthCheck among others.

Quimera's fundamental principal of conducting business is 'No savings - no fees'. It is based on an Energy Services COmpany (ESCO) revenue-sharing-only scheme, where revenue is generated only from the clients' reduced energy costs. Major difference with traditional ESCO projects is that Monitor & Save actions require little or no investment, which speeds up the payback period. In turn, this ensures Quimera's full commitment to the project with successful deployment and follow-up of identified energy optimization initiatives. Monitor & Save includes the use of energy management platform that Quimera deploys at no cost for the customer, providing continuous monitoring for the builiding's energy demands via smart sub-metering strategies.