Quimera strenghtens its partnership with Melia in Europe

May 27, 2014

Quimera strenghtens its partnership with Melia in Europe

After a successful pioneering project in the Melia Sky Hotel in Barcelona, Quimera is expanding the deployment of its Monitor&Save services to other Melia hotels around Europe.

Just eight months on from the introduction of its Monitor&Save (M&S) project at the Melia Sky Hotel, Barcelona, Quimera has witnessed encouraging results, fulfilling the highest expectations of both parties and reaching savings well above target. The successful deployment, based on a cooperative model, has seen tangible results in reducing energy expenditure and the carbon footprint of Meliá, laying the foundations for further expansion of this collaboration scheme. Following the unprecedented success, Meliá Hotels International and Quimera have recently signed a frame contract to increase the scale of their partnership and implement further M&S projects in hotels located in London, Milan, Rome and Valencia along with the already existing projects in Barcelona.

Monitor&Save is a service primarily offered to the hospitality sector with the goal of optimizing the efficient management and use of energy. The arrangement has however been designed with inherent flexibility so that it can be implemented across other sectors. The system includes employment of a smart metering system to provide continuous monitoring of all energy demands within the building. Quimera's model is based on an Energy Services COmpany (ESCO) revenue-sharing-only (success-fee type) scheme, where revenue is generated from the clients' reduced energy costs, thus uniting the interests of Quimera with those of its partners. The main difference with traditional ESCO projects is that M&S project actions require little or no CAPEX, thus the payback period is much faster when compared with that of a standard ESCO project. This also ensures that Quimera's commitment to the project goes beyond the advisory stage, with the successful deployment and follow-up of identified energy optimization initiatives being the Quimera utmost priority.

About Melia International Hotels. Founded in 1956 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Melia Hotels International is one of the largest hotel companies in the world and the largest hotel chain in Spain in both resort and city hotels. The company currently operates more than 350 hotels in 35 countries and 4 continents under its brands: Melia, Gran Melia, ME by Melia, Paradisus, Innside by Melia, TRYP by Wyndham, Sol Hotels and Club Melia. More info:

About Quimera. Quimera is an international company that provides its clients with sustainable solutions in the field of energy and mobility. Quimera was founded in 2009 and has gained extensive knowledge and experience in the sustainability and innovative technologies introducing them to businesses and cities. Quimera initially began working specifically in Sustainable Mobility projects, positioning them as one of the world's leading specialists in the field. To date, Quimera has developed several electric vehicles prototypes and established a fruitful partnership with Altran, Europe's largest engineering company. Since 2011, the company has launched its Energy division, specialising in the development of Energy Efficiency projects focusing on reducing costs and promoting distributed energy systems using sustainable technologies. Quimera has recently branched into alternative sectors such as Tourism and Food & Beverage. More info: