HIP Hotels & Quimera strategic alliance for hotels sustainability
HIP Hotels & Quimera strategic alliance for hotels sustainability
HIP Hotels & Quimera strategic alliance for hotels sustainability

September 12, 2013

HIP Hotels & Quimera strategic alliance for hotels sustainability

HIP Hotels and Quimera have entered into a joint venture in a move that aims to establish a new reference for sustainable leadership in the travel and tourism industry. As a dependable and highly popular guide for those searching for hotels that are excitingly different and aesthetically pleasing, HIP Hotels has become a strong brand for style leadership in the hospitality sector and is now affiliated with numerous hotels around the world.

By teaming up with Quimera, an international provider of sustainability solutions with a strong presence in the tourism sector, HIP Hotels is now aiming to add environmental credentials to its list of boutique hotel endorsements to truly make it the definitive reference point for smart tourism.

Holidaymakers today have an ever-increasing list of accommodation options at their disposal and it has become paramount for players within the tourism and travel industry to come up with innovative ways to stand out from the crowd. With this idea in mind, this new partnership intends to elevate the HIP Hotels brand to that of pioneering leadership within the industry. The agreement will see HIP Hotels providing the platform and commercial contacts through its network of affiliated hotels, whilst Quimera will provide the in-house team and access to its specialised project partners in order to carry out key sustainable development projects within HIP's hotel portfolio. The eventual outcome will be a catalogue of hotels that not only bear the HIP Hotels approval for individuality and style, but also a guarantee of minimised environmental impact which has now become a key consideration for the increasingly sustainability-conscious traveller.

Quimera's main role in this partnership will be to develop a program and manage the implementation of a wide-range of sustainability solutions for the HIP Hotels' network of affiliates. Services will include sustainability benchmarking and identification of easy-to-implement actions, establishment of key performance indicators, certification for sustainability and industry standards, sustainable design advisory services, project management, carbon footprint calculations and carbon offset strategies. At the same time HIP Hotels and Quimera will work together to establish a communication strategy with an aim to ensure that these sustainability initiatives form a valuable and unique addition to the HIP Hotels brand.

About HIP Hotels. HIP Hotels is an international travel guide published for the first time in 1999, presenting a selection of unusual, highly individual and aesthetically pleasing hotels. In its first 10 years of publications, the HIP Hotels series has sold well in excess of 2 million copies worldwide, with about 2 titles a year printed in 11 different languages. HIP Hotels offers clients both a B2B relationship direct with the hotel industry globally and a B2C relationship across its multimedia platform and benefits from its relationships with partners like Virgin Holidays.

About Quimera. Quimera is an international company that provides its clients with sustainable solutions in the field of energy and mobility. Quimera started activity in 2009 and since then has gained extensive knowledge and experience in the sustainability and innovative technologies introducing them into businesses and cities. Initially, Quimera began in sustainable mobility projects, which have positioned them as one of the world's leading specialists in this field. As an example, Quimera has developed several prototypes of electric vehicles and has established a close partnership with Altran, the largest engineering company in Europe. In 2011 Quimera launched its energy division specialising in the development of energy efficiency projects focused on reducing costs and promoting distributed energy systems using sustainable technologies. Since then, Quimera has been working in different sectors such as tourism and food & beverage.

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