What's Quimera
A cluster of multinational
companies assembled to
manage sustainable projects in
metropolitan and urban areas.
360 solutions
Provides consumer-focused, cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions enabling the development of strategically sustainable programs for urban environments.
Quimera is a one stop shop.
Knowledge Hub
Quimera benefits from all its cluster member know-how and has the potential to investigate, develop and deploy projects on a worldwide basis offering cutting edge global solution
60+ Cluster Members
60+ Large Corporations, Public Institutions (City Councils, Economic Development Boards and Research Centers), Universities, Business Schools and R&D units have joined the cluster. As a result, Quimera has assembled strong capital and technological resources through partnerships around the world.
R&D company
Quimera is a strong R&D company developing proprietary IPR's.
We focus on clean energy generation (ie. wind turbines, hydrogen, solar and electric power).
Sustainability is achieved through leveraging applied R&D technologies in an innovative fashion.