Urban Wind Turbine
Zero carbon footprint
source of energy
urban wind turbine
Urban Wind Turbine
electric scooter
KTM X-Bow Project
urban wind turbine
Electro Solar Scooter
Electric commercial van
Electrical fast-charging station
All Electric Touring Car GT4
Self-reliance in energy generation.
A step forward, to meet increasing
energy demands
expertise and criteria means that the UWT follows GT race
car standards like high resistance, performance, economic
efficiency, mechanical reliability, rigidity and lightness.

Initial prototype testing will finish by final quarter of 2011 in
Aix-en-Provence at Solution F facilities

The urban wind turbine (UWT) can provide a zero carbon footprint
source of energy (5Kw till 50 Kw) to small and medium
commercial and private buildings with a focus on energy
optimization and cost efficiency.

The UWT was built by motorsport engineers specialized in
aerodynamics in collaboration with CNRS ( Centre National
de la Recherche Scientifique ). Leveraging both motorsport