Living Labs & Project Development
Quimera generates controlled environments to
develop and test sustainability solutions and
fine-tune its final deployment.
Quimera's goal is to collaborate
with cities, regions and
corporations by establishing
strategic programs to aid their
sustainability needs.
Quimera provides:
• Strategic advice on energy supply & mobility.
• Technical know-how and expertise.
• Project proposals for energy efficiency, energy
  generation & mobility.
• Corporate involvement and participation in potential
• Business model definition and funding research.
• Project support, execution and deployment.
DHL, one of the biggest parcel service
companies in the world

• Electric van test in the Barcelona area.
• Proposal to develop a customized van platform.
• Eventual logistics partner for a sustainable Motor
  Sport event.
• Introduction of wind-turbines to provide fleet energy

Condis, a Spanish supermarket company
• Introduction of electric and hydrogen vehicles for
  distribution/commercial fleet.
• Electric charging station in the 22@ district in
  Barcelona and at selected corporate locations.

T-Systems, multinational IT company
• Clean energy generation and supply for data-
• Fast charging station in the 22@ district in
• Introduction of electric vehicles into company fleet.

El Cortes Inglιs, a Spanish retail company
• Quimera is a member of the Energy Board of the
  Company giving support to the different initiatives and
  projects inside the company.

City in India, region of Chhattisgarth
• Development of an manufacturing facility for
  the production of mid-sized electric buses and vans.
• Definition and implementation of the cities
  sustainable public transport system & management.
• Development and deployment of clean energy
  generation systems for urban lightning and city
  energy efficiency.

Mango, a Spanish apparel company
•Development of new store model design focusing on
  sustainability, enabling store to achieve energy
  independence through fuel-cell and renewable energy.

Damm, Spanish brewery company
• Energy consumption and carbon footprint audit.
• Clean energy generation via wind turbines, solar
  panels and fuel cells.
• Introduction of batteries for energy storage and
  charging stations.
• Introduction of electric and hydrogen vehicles.
• Application of plasma lights.
• Biogas, alcohol and bagasse reuse.