Joint Ventures
Joint ventures created to exploit business opportunities
arising from R&D and living lab deployments
Joint ventures established
with cluster members and strategic
Managed independently through a
results-oriented strategic business
Strategic Sustainability
Urban Projects Unit

Spain - Barcelona
United Kingdom - London
United States - Chicago, New York & Palm Beach
Asia - Singapore, Mumbai & Bangalore
France - Monaco & Aix en Provence

Industrial & Recycling Units
Parking and building infrastructure
Surface infrastructure
Battery swapping stations
Urban waste recycling units
           - Biomass
           - Biogas
           - Other
Strategic suppliers
Solar motorbike industrialization & licensing
Charging stations
Hydrogen and alternative combustion units

Media Units
Charging station media
Charging utility sponsor
Traditional & viral marketing

Financial and Insurance Units
Battery leasing & renting
Carbon offsetting
Financial partnership
Insurance management
Tax management

Services and Management Units
Legal advice, compliance and negotiation
Fleet management
Strategic advisory
Homologation and certification

Sustainable Motorsport
Zero Emissions Professional Motorsport

Home Appliances
Battery reutilization

Venture Capital
New companies and start ups
IP acquisition
R&D units

Electric Vehicles Units
Vehicle affordability
Transportation partner
Customer satisfaction & after sales
Service & assistance

Energy Generation Solutions
Technology commercialization
  wind, solar, fuel cell, biogas, solar cooling,
  waste-to-energy, etc.
Energy efficiency