Electro Solar Scooter
Personal transportation & commuting
vehicle with high-performance and
zero fuel costs
1st prototype
electro solar scooter solar-a
electro solar scooter solar-b
electro solar scooter
electro solar scooter solar-d
Electro Solar Scooter
electric scooter
KTM X-Bow Project
Urban wind turbine
electro solar scooter
Electric commercial van
Electrical fast-charging station
All Electric Touring Car GT4
A high performance
vehicle for urban
Technical data
Power 18KW
Torque 96 Nm
Consumption 10KWh/100 km in Euro cycle
Range 100km (Euro cycle)
Top speed 100 km/h
Charge time 70% in 1h
Lithium polymer batteries
Water-cooled electric engine

Complete purpose-built electric platform that allows
customization to any type of scooter.
Recharging capabilities through both solar panels and plug-in

Around 120km of range with top speed of 100km/h.