Electric Scooter
Demonstrates urban professional mobility through
electric vehicles.
Barcelona Police electric scooter
electric scooter solar a
electric scooter solar b
electric scooter
electric scooter solar c
Electric Scooter
electric scooter
KTM X-Bow Project
Urban wind turbine
Electro Solar Scooter
Electric commercial van
Electrical fast-charging station
All Electric Touring Car GT4
Test beds to demonstrate
state-of-the-art technology in
personal electric transportation
for cities
to initiate other pilot projects with Quimera Electric Scooter

The next step in the evolution is the mass production and
commercialization of current R&B prototypes into breakthrough products.

Originally planned as a research platform for a pilot program
as part of the London environmental policy and the Barcelona
22@ framework.

Initial agreements to deliver 3 prototypes to the Police Departments
of London and Barcelona Police and the Deutsch Post

Several corporations and public entities have shown interest