KTM Electrical
X-Bow Project
Fascination and Hi-Tech
KTM Electrical X-Bow Project
ktm electric x-bow project
ktm electrical x-bow project ktm-b
ktm electrical x-bow project ktm-c
ktm electrical x-bow project ktm-d
KTM Electrical
X-Bow Project
electric scooter
Urban wind turbine
Electro Solar Scooter
Electric commercial van
Electrical fast-charging station
All Electric Touring Car GT4
Motorsport as a positioning
and promotional platform
for OEMs
Technical Data

Powertrain developed by Quimera
300-400 bhp
20 minutes range in racing mode
Technical supervision by Altran
High power Lithium polymer batteries

The electric X-BOW (GT4 homologated) will be a high performance electric car