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All Electric GT
First Prototype
all electric gt
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All Electric Touring Car GT4
First Tests Complete Technical Data

• First chassis, power-train and prototype developed by Quimera
• Technical supervision by Altran
• Carbon fibre monocoque chassis
• 450-700 bhp
• 300 km/h
• 0-100 km/h in 3s
• Torque: 1.000 Nm+
• Dimensions: 4800 mm long / 2000 mm width
• High power Lithium Polymer EIG (S. Korea) battery packs
• Three 231 bhp UQM electric motors (USA)
The AEGT racing car is the first competition vehicle (700bhp)
of its class to run on 100% electric batteries and engines
with performance similar or superior to conventional internal
combustion competition vehicles.

Quimera is going to transform the car into a R&D
laboratory by assessing the innovation developed and verifying
the appropriate application in streetcar manufacturing.

Finding the ideal platform to showcase current and future AEGT
developments is key.
To address such a priority, Quimera will involve the AEGT in the
following events:
• Circuit demonstration
• City demonstration
• Competitions

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