Multifunctional Electric
Smart Charging Station
Friendly, usable, informative
and safe
fast-charging station
electric scooter
KTM X-Bow Project
Urban wind turbine
Electro Solar Scooter
Electric commercial van
All Electric Touring Car GT4
Multifunctional smart charging
station that serves as the single
point of interaction with consumers.
The charging station will contain a public TV channel
displayed on a 24" LCD screen with 10 minute loops of
infotainment (pollution, weather forecast, news, quiz,
city council info, community info, etc.) offered free of charge.

This is not just an industrial device, but a friendly urban
element that is usable, safe and informative.
It will allow the integration of multiple urban electronic devices
into the same station that will aid repeated use (parking tickets,
bus tickets, bicing, etc.).

The first urban electrical charging station offering single-
phase and three-phase loads at the same dispositive.

First prototypes expected to be finished in
April 2011 in collaboration with T-Systems.

The objective is to make all efforts towards ensuring social
acceptance of urban sustainability products.