Initial projects are focused on
mobility. Our R&D covers a
broad spectrum of sustainability
related projects.
Develop new 'breaktrough' technologies in partnership
with our Cluster Members or external investors
focusing to achieve the state-of-art in sustainability.

Key R&D areas
Commuting vehicles
Commercial transportation
Scalable drivetrains and improvement of battery
Motorsport as a platform for standard passenger
Vertical axis wind turbines
New ways of transportation
Charging stations (wireless technology included)
Solar cells (easy to install, in any surface, maximum
Smart grid
R&D partnerships with other Cluster Members
mainly in fuel-cell technology and hydrogen
Waste to Energy
Engineering and layout development for sustainable
vehicles manufacturing plants to achieve scale
economies and production optimization.
However, Quimera constantly keeps track of R&D
within the cluster, in all other available forms of
propulsion and energy generation.

R&D on Mobility
Most of the first projects of Quimera are focused on
this sector. As result of the analysis of the mobility
market and the state of art of clean technologies,
Quimera defined that the best way to introduce new
technologies in mobility must firstly be in these three

Personal transportation & Commuting
Technology is ready and environmental issues in
cities are critical
Commercial transport: Impact on fuel consumption is
high and clean technologies are able to reduce it a lot
Motorsport: It is the appropriate platform to develop
research for the clean technologies taking into
consideration its heritage having huge media impact.